Trigger window has the following columns:

CH- this shows the channel that was selected. The color will also match the color of the channel selected.
NAME- This will be the name you chose to call the trigger.  YOU CANNOT LABEL TRIGGERS THE SAME NAME!
START- This is the temperature where the timer starts. A up arrow after the temperature means it will trigger on the temperature rising a down arrow means temperature falling.
STOP– This is the temperature where the timer stops and the arrow are the same as the START above.
ELAPSED– This is the time the timer was active.
STATUS– This will indicate the status of the trigger. Click on the green arrow to the left of the trigger line and the status turns to armed. When the start temperature is passed, it will say triggered, when the stop temperature is passed it will say stopped.
NOTEPAD– Clicking on the notepad will pull the trigger window back up and you can make changes to the trigger setup.