Cardinal Paint and Powder

   “As a powder coating technical sales representative, one of my critical job functions involves obtaining a comprehensive profile of my customer’s curing process. The ability to procure accurate and complete data from inside the oven, allows the powder applicator to ensure that they are attaining the specified time at temperature to complete the thermosetting process. Equally and maybe even more important, is the ability to control the oven dwell period, so as to obtain full cure while minimizing process time-thereby maximizing oven efficiency.

    With the ATMS oven profile system, I have access to 8 different channels, which can be triggered individually to accurately profile ambient air temps and substrate data. A wide variety of thermocouples and substrate probes are also available – from magnetic, to clamp on, to spring loaded. Overall, the ATMS system is very versatile and capable of providing the necessary data required to dial in process times while maintaining cure parameters.”

 Mark Monroe, Cardinal Paint, and Powder


  • ATMS probes are very different from other probes on the market. We worked hard to insure measurement accuracy while also designing a probe that has a small footprint. The probes are designed to be used even when you are coating a part.
  • All ATMS temperature probe tips are spring loaded. This prevents the probe from being adversely affected by air flow. It also gives the probe considerable downward force on the part you are probing.
  • The Magnet Probe and Inside Probe come in three different configurations. They fit a flat, concave and a convex surface, fitting outside or inside round surfaces.
  • The Magnet and Inside Probes allow you to probe a part while also powder coating the part.



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